One Shot Movie

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One Shot Movie

One Shot Movie is a a yearly competition launched on 2012, for films made using just one shot.
No cuts. No magic tricks. Just a single shot.

What’s impressive about one shot? It’s dynamic, occasionally spectacular, even iconic, but above all, represents a great challenge for filmmakers.

This annual competition is open to the world and the winner receives £1000, the title ‘Best One Shot Movie‘ and much more!

From left, the winners of Best One Shot Movie 2014: Aidan Moran, Martin Noble, and organizers: Daniel Birt, Daniel James Palmer and Keir Menzies.


What I did

My role as Digital Creative Director of OSM is to develop the company brand mark and website.

From an early idea by the organizers, I designed the site having the Richard Hamilton poster as inspiration.


Being able to work and be part of One Shot Movie team is an amazing experience for me.

The success this site has had in the last 3 years,
made all the hard work worth it.