Branding, Design & Development, UX

LotusBodyMind – LBM, is an early stage startup focusing on Meditation, Movement and Relaxation.

I was approached for this project by the founder of LBM, teacher Cristiana Canzanese.
LBM needed some design help to create a fresh brand identity, as well as create her very first public website.

Brand identity
Working closely with the founder we followed my creative questionnaire brief.

I then started creating UX panels to organize my inspirations and get additional feedback. The approach taken set the foundation of the following: logo design, color palette and typography.

Web development was consequently smooth and successful.

  • Photoshop and Sketch3 for wireframing and prototyping.
  • WordPress – Divi theme & customized coding with <3
  • CSS3 – Handmade 🙂
Founder LBM: Cristiana Canzanese

My teaching style focuses very much on understanding the meaning of Meditation, through the exploration of gentle Movement, Relaxation and of course Meditation!

Cristiana Canzanese