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4th Jun 2011 | Posted in Web Design

After few months of planning and missed starting point, I’ve finally put online my new website.

It has been a fantastic work in progress for myself where I could put in practice new CSS3 codes (which can work even on old browsers – IE7 & 8 – using CSS3PIE).

I liked the idea to have a light background and big spaces between containers and I’ve chosen to use the bold Cooper font for main links and headings (thanks to Font Squirrel’s kit generator).

The decision to have animation for buttons and thumbnails (not on IE7 & 8 this time) come from the studies I did with the Andy Clarke book Hardboiled Web Design which I really recommend to everyone involved in web design, css & html5. If sometimes you need coding-help ask Firebug , a powerful web development tool live on your browser (Chrome or Firefox) which consent you to inspect and edit HTML, CSS & see any errors of your page.

My website runs with the wonderful open source blog tool WordPress, the best CMS platform for me. I’ve installed and coded into it the naked template Starkers and made my own wordpress template.

I’m handcoding web designer and can work on different Computer Operating Systems but I do prefer working on an Apple machine where I can run 2 amazing softwares, Coda and CSSEdit.
I’ve been using Coda since 2009 and I didn’t find nothing better yet. Dreamweaver cs5.5? Not for me, thanks! Coda is a Text editor, a file transfer, Terminal, all in a single elegant & cool interface, perfect for my handcodings skills.
I really recommend it especially if you are doing wordpress websites.

The other light software I mentioned above CSSEdit (from Macrabbit), it’s a powerful user friendly css editor with amazing preview.

I love to work on my machine surrounded by cool softwares, user friendly and with elegant interfaces. From Adobe, I do like Photoshop and Illustrator which really give me so much inspiration and power with my skills in Graphic Design.

With all this tools and resources I’ve designed and coded this portfolio/blog website where I will write regularly about web design, development, graphics, art and cultural events in London.
My Portfolio is all my works about shaping digital things for people’s use.

As it’s my first post, it would be great to receive from you comments, ideas, advices or general messages regarding my new website.

Thanks for reading!

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